Let me introduce myself, My name is…

I did decide to create a blog, and a space for people of color to talk about the current wave of fat shaming that’s gotten out of control within the black community and other ethnic communities. But in order for the movement to work it needs to address fat shaming amongst all groups. Cis hetero straight men and women, every race be they white, black, Latina, Asian, etc, as well as trans men and women of size and my gay family.

I created this blog for people of size to talk about their experiences and life journey as a person of size. Be you’re on the smaller side of the spectrum or larger size, we all can talk about our experiences the same.

As a black women it hits home a little more. I’ve been a fat person all of my life, I’ve been fat and black all of my life and I’ve always been bullied for my weight. I’ve finally gathered the guts to discuss my perceptions and opinions about fat shaming and fat hatred in society, America and globally.

Walk with me on this journey as I take part in the movement that is for people of size, to finally be seen as people, human beings and individuals.


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