The scapegoat phrase “Time to get healthy” used by larger people who want to become thin.

^ That woman is used as a example of a fat person, yes this woman right here who looks fairly tall as well.

Anyway back to the subject. Now before I start I by no means go around policing people about their bodies and their right to change them. If they want to make changes to their bodies for whatever reason, it’s theirs, not mine and I have no right to dictate another person’s body, life and space.

I was reading another blog in which I thought I’d read an article about self love, and body acceptance. Amongst all of the weight loss talk, and self loathing about not losing weight a good message was within it. She mentioned loving the body she’s in, the way it was no matter what, and taking care of it.

Under her post, there was a comment from a larger woman saying “I know I’m sexy and beautiful but it’s time to get rid of this weight and get healthy, time to get really sexy”. Really sexy is code for skinny/thin because fat bodies can’t be “really sexy”, remember. And it was weird seeing really sexy as the main culprit after seeing her quote the phrase “Get healthier”. Now I see this all the time from larger people, throwing in the phrase “Get healthy” when in reality it’s not about that, it’s about getting skinny. I won’t deny that there are larger people who feel they can get their health issues under control by dropping some weight, but from my experiences, those aren’t the one’s I come across.

Saying “I want to be healthier” is just a metaphor for I want to be thinner because I hate this fat body I’m in now, that everyone else hates. I’ve seen fat people on blogs who post pictures of themselves hiking, bike riding, walking, running, moutain climbing, swimming and other athletic stuff, say the same thing “Time to hit the gym to get healthier”. They’ve bought into the idea that a large body can not be healthy unless it’s thin. They know they’re healthy and their bodies are balanced but it’s been beaten into their psyche for so long that thin= healthy they can’t help but to conform.

Saying “To get healthier” is their form of a cover up. Saying this satisfies the healthist bullies, but also keeps the size acceptance community  thinking they’re doing it for health reasons when they’re really not. It’s their own little escape from guilt and shame from both sides. When these same people lose weight I never see them posting their cholesterol, blood sugar levels, heart health results or cardio and core results after the weight loss, since they mentioned these things being sooooo important to them. They more often than not, and I’m sure you all can agree post before and after pictures all day, week, month, year long. Brag and boast about how fat and unattractive they were before and bask in the compliments from people telling them how thin and great they look now. They post endless pictures of clothing that gets smaller and more revealing so show people how awesome their better thinner body is to them, and people make sure to remind them of the new found thin privilege that is to come.

Conformation was a success.

This is what happened with the likes of actress and comedian Monique, Jennifer Hudson, and Christina Aguliera. All women who preached the “I’m big and I’m healthy and beautiful the way I am” which I’m sure they were. They made these “Safe” weight goals not to upset their plus size community buddies, but as time went on and they saw the praise and accolades they recieved the weight goals got thinner and thinner. Actress and former child star Raven Symone even admitted, it had nothing to do with health, and giving in to the pressures of thinness in the industry, media and society, and she’s proud of it.

It pains me to see this because it’s a psychological step backwards for the size acceptance movement. The more I see my larger friends give in the more defeated as a size activist I feel. Like I said I will never step in the way of a person wanting to change their bodies, but I can voice my concern and displeasure about the way society has mentally abused people of size for so long, and so relentlessly, that they give in at some point.


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