Imagine if not even all but just a majority of women rejected body and beauty standards set by men and society

I wish, oh how I wish women would just reject sexist beauty and body standards placed within this misogynistic, sexist society. I mean how hard can it be, it’s just one breathe away and yet women refuse to ignore beauty standards because we’re so concerned about what men think about our looks.

We’ve been sold the idea that we need a man in our lives because dying alone is the worst thing ever. So we adapt to any structure that will help us obtain a husband because it’s what we’ve been taught. Ever notice how men will tell you that they refuse to adhere to standards and rules set by superficial women? That’s why we see society’s defintion of a beautiful woman with society’s defintion of a below average man. Men aren’t met with sexist traditional teachings about getting a wife. They’re told a good woman will love you fat, sick, broke or poor, so choose wisely.

If only women were this head strong. All of the movements about beauty and yet these billion dollar money making industries geared towards women’s insecurities are thriving more than ever, meaning women are giving in more than ever. It’s so frustrating because like I said it’s a breathe away, all we need is one to start a chain reaction and we have lift off. But women refuse to reject sexist ideas about their body weight, and looks. It’s defeating to see women on instagram,YouTube, twitter, and other social networks posting  pictures doing some of the most time consuming things to obtain bodies and images that cater to the superficial sexist ideas about female beauty.

It’s like mind control and they go pick out which chip they want in their brain.


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