Body Image and the Myth of Perfection

Something has been happening lately and it shocks, stuns and dismays me to say the least. If you are a woman you have probably done this, probably heard friends and family do the same thing.

And as women the place for it to stop is up to each of us Indavidually, the more we stop this the more we stop buying into what advertisers, magazines, society, TV, Radio etc are trying to sell us.

You see this week I witnessed a group of beautiful, stunning women. Who are Strong, who have been through some amazingly rough and difficult times, some you would think were made up they are so tragic. Who carry on in spite of everything with a sense of humor, who are nothing short of AMAZING talk about how much they hate their bodies. It broke my heart.

It made me wonder if there was something wrong with me for not hating myself with the same level of anger and hatred that they did.

You see this was not your usual skinny girls sitting around saying how fat they are, this was a group of amazing BBW’s (Big Beautiful Women) and SSBBW’s (Super Sized Big Beautiful Women)

And then I remembered how hard I have worked on myself. How much I have worked to recover my self esteem and how much I love who I am.

I listened to a health proffessional emotionally blackmail someone in my craft class with the whole “my mother died earlier this year and I am worried about you” speech I was mortified.

Another girl who is simply pin up model gorgeous is being paid $10/kg to loose 40kgs I dont know where she will loose it all from because she was pretty toned and healthy to begin with.

This is not just a fat girl problem because Skinny beautiful women feel that they are fat and ugly as well.

This is a problem because it is starting to happen to Men as well as advertisers and magazines target more “Insecurities” in order to sell more and more products we do not really need.

The view that we all need to be ‘Perfect’ in order to live an amazing life or need to use x x or y product to attain Perfection, Perfection is the illusion.

Cellulite was made up by a womans magazine to move moisturiser, until that happened no one had a name for what we now call cellulite.

Think about that, think about how much money is spent on products we simply do not need.

Think of the industries that would collapse if we all started to do something radical, something unexpected, something that instead of being sheep happily baa ing along we turned and faced the other way.

We took the time to get really comfortable in our own skins


We took the time to work through our fears and insecurities


We took the time to really get to know ourselves


We took the time to change that inner critic, the inner record from one filled with negative shaming thoughts given to us by society, media, family and friends that we have adopted as our own and change them to something more positive sure it takes practice, sure we will still have days where we forget to do this but slowly over time that record will be changed and we will start feeling the joy of how simply beuatiful and wonderous we truly are


We stopped Buying the magazines that promote this type of behaviour


We stopped watching shows that promote the myths


We stopped supporting people who promoted body shaming in any way shape or form


We stopped targeting and shaming others for their body shape


We promoted uplifting and helping each other


We supported each other


We complimented each other


We saw the beauty in everyone around us


Sure it sounds idealistic

Sure it sounds hard


I sometimes think hating yourself, and taking on societies views is far easier than trying to swim upstream and find a way to love and accept all of yourself for the person you are.

It is so much easier to allow yourself to fall into that pit of despair of hate and self destruction.

The true courage lies in working to change that, in knowing yes you may fall down along the way but you can get back up and keep going.

You can do it

I am living proof of that.

I am Big, I am Beautiful, I am Proud of every curve of my Luscious Body, I am Proud of the person I am.

I know that not everyone will get that, I know that some people will look at me and say wtf she is huge.

You know what I am FAT, in truth it is unlikely I will ever be anything but FAT in body shape and I love my curves.

Some people are not made to be skinny just like some are not made to be fat.

Why should my loving my curves and the skin I am in be a threat to anyone?


Instead let it inspire you to learn to love the skin your in, Big, small or inbetween we are all beautiful, amazing wonderful human beings doing the best we can.

Lets not add to lifes burdens by hating on ourselves.

Till next we meet on lifes journey please remember to take care of yourself and take steps to embrace every inch of who you are without appology or remorse


In Love and Light



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  1. I love the graphic you added 🙂 thank you for sharing my blog

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