Fat shaming in minority communities..

Yes this is a real thing. It’s always been a real thing,despite popular beliefs. I remember growing up as a child and my pastor always mentioned my weight. There would always be segments specifically singling me out about my weight. I remember growing up being bullied by my cousins and classmates about my weight. My cousins were the pretty skinny girls my grandmother, pastor and aunts couldn’t stop calling “Pretty as a peach”. I’m the fat cousin they ignored and wouldn’t ask to go on trips with them and often only asked my younger sister.

I remember jumping on the trampoline my father bought for us as children, and my younger cousin who is male called me fat out of the blue. He was just like ” You’re fat” just randomly without a smile on his face. He was serious.

The fat shaming I endured in school was by far the worst. From Kindergarten to college it was excruciating. When it was time to grade my paper, people would jump back and say “Eeeew” like I harvested germs that would get them fatitis or something, it was terrible.

The thing about my school years is that I was on the smaller end of the bigger girls, I was like maybe 15 pounds away from the popular skinny girl look.

Now think about that, me coming from a race and community that’s known for embracing really big women like Monique right? A barely chubby black girl that was seen as disgusting and gross within this same community. Still believe that myth?

Fat shaming in the black community is even worse now. I see it daily. Especially since we’re on this national health kick, where thin still equals healthy, the fat shaming is brutal. And it’s a perfect timing for the thinner black women who claimed to be pushed aside by the thicker big booty girls to have a reason to hate and shame them.

Thin black women have always been in. Having a big butt does not mean larger woman as white society has perpetuated that foolishness because it denied their supremacist standard of beauty which was thin, tall, blue eyed and white. A skinny woman with hips and a big butt in their eyes is considered a plus size girl. How silly.

But thin black women and athletic black women have always been in. Check older music videos. The videos are not saturated with actual thick, plush women with big boobs and butt. They’re fit small frame women with average boobs and above average booties.

The black girl I posted under the post about boobs and butt is Buffy the Body a video model turned fitness trainer. She is what I’m talking about, she’s fairly small everyone else the only the thing somewhat big on her is her butt. She’s fairly toned and nowhere near “BBW” that’s the type of image of woman minority communities hold as “Women with more meat”. Fit slim-ish women with boobs and butt.

Same for Hispanic communities, and South American communities. Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vegara, Shakira, etc are ideal. The myth about ethnic communities liking more meat seems racially driven to me.

I think people feel larger black women got more credit and didn’t need anymore within the size acceptance community. It’s not true at all and I got irritated every time I saw articles pushing the lie about most black women of size or with curves being comfortable with their bodies.

I got a story to sell you, because it’s far from the truth, I’ve been online for as long as I can remember, and I’ve associated with many communities of black women and throughout my journey I was constantly bombarded with comments from black women and Latina women about how they wanted to reduce their butt, get rid of some of their hips, tired of their thighs and legs.

It’s even worse these days. So when you see people spewing that lie about minorities communities being more accepting of size, please stop them from going any further,

Size acceptance movements needs to intersect.


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