Fat shaming within atheist/agnostic communities

I frequent a lot of blogs and what I’ve come to discover is that atheist really despise fat people too. Oh no not the atheist who reject any and every traditionally, socially, oppressive structure that supports religious characteristics!! No they hate fat people too. They hate them even more to be honest with you. 

Every atheist I’ve ran into or across rejects the notion of “Thin Privilege” or they don’t believe in the idea of fat shaming. They think it doesn’t exist at all and that fat people are being sensitive and complaining too much. But I don’t know why I’m shocked because they are also sexist as well and still support gender labels and roles which are also oppressive. These are the people we deem as the saviors against the big bad evil Jesus lovers, but every atheist isn’t the same. Many atheist are not full on supporters of discriminated groups of all kinds, just like every one else they have their pick and chooses of what they believe in and what they don’t believe in.

Hatred of fat bodies and fat people is something they believe in, misogyny and patriarchy is something they believe in as well. What happens when you’re a fat atheist? The same thing that happens to every fat person in society, you’re ridiculed and thrown all types of lies and insults about your health and weight. Atheism is many things. It’s eye opening it helps those who are torn between their own journey regarding spirituality, it supports our homosexual brothas and sistas with the reference to science. However THEY ARE NOT SUPPORTERS OF FAT PEOPLE AND SIZE ACCEPTANCE!!! Like I say often on here fat acceptance needs to intersect. All races, all religions, all genders, and everything in between. This movement can’t go anywhere if we constantly keep sectioning it off in groups.


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