Healthy big people, yes we do exist!!

Healthy big people do exist. I’ve seen us, we’re all over the place. Society and a lot of the people in it know this for a fact but refuse to acknowledge it in fear of putting larger people (especially women) on a pedestal. Lord knows we can’t have a land where us fatties are considered healthy and attractive, that’s just giving too much to us at once **sarcasm** So we are bombarded with “Why aren’t they losing weight then” they know working out is good, any exercise if great for the heart but the idea of them accepting the fact that fat people can be fit in bodies they loathe and hate looking at bothers them.

The woman above is a lovely lady who’s pictures are posted on a size acceptance page on facebook. She has many other pictures of her fitness routine and she talks about staying “Thick and fit”. Now this isn’t uncommon, as a few months ago, a video of a plus size personal trainer was posted on a very popular forum, and people were absolutely disgusted at the idea of a plus size personal trainer. They made all kinds of demeaning comments towards her even accusing her of sneaking food after working out because how dare she still be fat, exercise, and not lose weight. It was terrible.

Most people aren’t even aware of the vigorous workouts and fitness routines plus size women have to adhere to. Tyra mentioned it plenty of times regarding plus size modeling. She said her plus size models are very into fitness to maintain their beautiful plus size bodies and health. Fat bodies are showcased in the most unflattering way to keep people thinking that there’s no other way a fat body can exist other than being depicted as stereotypes and failure. Even doctors and healthcare chime in on these lies and stereotypes for profit, and most of the time flat our discrimination.

Plus model Rosie Mercado

And of course fathletes!

And we’re dancers

I’m annoyed at how people with my body and my life have to constantly explain ourselves because we can’t detach this warped mentality about health, fitness and large bodies. This is the same warped mentality that allows thinner individuals to post pictures of themselves eating junk food, fast food and large portions of food on their social networking page and people think it’s cute, harmless and funny. They don’t believe a thin person’s diet can consist of only that type of food because come on they’re thin for Pete’s sake!!! However, the next day, all they have to do is post a picture of them standing by a treadmill and all is well in the world of health.

A fat person like my self can blog my low fat meals and meatless dishes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and as soon as I post of picture of myself eating a cupcake I’m bombarded with health lectures about me possibly dying if I don’t slow down, like really? Doesn’t matter if the cupcake is sugar free and gluten free, it’s a cupcake for Pete’s sake!!!

We really need to stop the misconceptions about health and larger bodies. I’ve seen people on the smaller spectrum of fat, heck not only that, but I’ve seen women barely chubby, no not only that, women who are visually healthy looking beat themselves up mentally about their bodies and weight because they believe that if their quads aren’t popping, and their abs aren’t visible then they’re unhealthy and out of shape. Like why does HAES ( Heath At Every Size) exist then? People are just going to ignore programs like that anyway because they just don’t like looking at fat people.

It really needs to stop I’m sick of it.


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