Thinness and relation to innocence, youthfulness and purity.

The subject of younger females being victim of sexual harrassment came up some days ago. I can’t deny that I saw these things happen when I was younger. I had witnessed older men always sending  their phone to get girls numbers. They would do cat calls, hissing calls, stopping their cars, asking them what their age was, and even after they told them they were only 8(yes 8)-14, it seemed like they wanted to talk to them even more.

It was disturbing, but the guys didn’t care, they saw youthful women they found sexually appealing, and the thing is a lot of them didn’t even have to be “developed” for their age. They were petite frame young girls who some of these men went for. And of course you had the over developed girls for their age, lets not act like that didn’t exist for a while. But that’s another topic for another time, on another blog, some time another.

It’s the idea that men attach petite, small, thin, and dainty as feminine traits to the female gender so intentively. It’s a scary and very damaging thing to do. That’s why I sometimes have to judge a little, and I almost never judge without good reason and it’s never hardly about human individuality and difference either, but I have to judge men who solely go after women who are very young looking. Now I understand preference, and preference is a awesome thing. We as existing human beings have the right to prefer whatever physical characteristics we choose to in the same or opposite sex, as long as we don’t belittle people to justify our preferences.

But the thought that men, especially these days find attraction to barely legal teenagers and seeing guys write things like “How old is she, she looks about 18, she’s a sexy, she’s so hot with her little young bod” I’ve seen these things said by all men. Men view thin bodies as youthful, innocent, and vunerable. That’s why thinner women are viewed as “Trophy” wives/girlfriends no matter their background or image, if they’re thin, they’re in.

Say someone like Rihanna or Madonna. Both thin women with similar careers. Their images aren’t squeaky clean but somehow they’ve never been threatening to society as women. People almost viewed their sexualized bad girl images as harmless and cute, because let’s face it, they look like they wouldn’t harm a fly. They can walk around in revealing clothes, act very sexual on stage and men go nuts over them, I never see men say “Gross she looks nasty, that’s not the type of women you’d wife or marry”. Most men believe these women are wife material and are close to perfect. Thinner women are viewed as pure, innocent and hard to taint.

Now imagine a curvier woman with the same image and little more butt and boobs. She’s been seen as every kind of derogatory name in the book based on her image alone. People will say she needs to stop acting slutty, she needs to put some clothes on, she looks nasty and stank, I mean every little demeaning thing you can call a woman she would be called for carrying the same image a Madonna or Rihanna does.

I tell people body size and shapes plays a huge part in how women are percieved. Like I said thinner/petite women are viewed as innocent, harmless, cute, pure. Curvier girls are viewed as slutty, impure, tainted, and a bad. We associate thin women with class, wealth, elegance and success, even if they are just another girl from up the street.

Curvier women are seen as something good enough to bed but not good enough to wed. It’s amazing how body types can create all of these ignorant stereotypes and unfair judgments.

Look at the obsession in the media when a celeb is pictured then her age is plastered on the side with headlines reading “40 years old never looked this good” or comments under the picture like “Wow she’s 40, omg I thought she was younger than that, she looks great”. Men can gain weight and sprout a head full of grey and we’d just chalk it up to them getting wiser and older. Women also prefer older more sophisticated men, that comes from somewhere, the same place that created thinner= younger, innocent and pure.

The thinner a man is the more a woman is turned off comparing him to a young boy or a guy who doesn’t represent the symbolization of manhood. The thinner a woman is, the more she’s lauded for doing her best to stay young looking, innocent and pure because we likened these things as a symbolization of womanhood and femininity.

It’s very damaging to women, eating disorders have not disappeared and it seems like we don’t care because we’re so focused on making sure women remain thin and visually appealing. It’s disturbing seeing men lust over barely 18 year olds, teenagers, young girls and young looking women. The sooner we stop attaching thinness to womanhood the less instances we’ll see of sexual harrassment from grown men forced upon younger females.


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