“No fat/thick chicks” Dude bro, fatphobic black men

I know what you’re thinking **gasp** an actual example of a black man who hates bigger women? Yes, yes an actual example, and in reality there are “plenty” of examples. Growing up seeing fatphobic comments from black males towards larger black women was not something that was a “rare” sight. This was something that happened occasionally and often. Do a lot of black men prefer thicker, heavy bottom women? Sure. But a lot of them also DO NOT. And many of them protest the loudest about it, especially the dude bro’s.


Be Funky untitled jpg

Instagram models he speaks of:

The first woman is named Miracle Watts and “SHE TRAINS” yes she “TRAINS” daily, if you check her instagram she has pictures of herself training and working out, this as he put it “obese” instagram model.

The second woman’s name is Brianna Bette and she also “trains” she also has fitness pictures and videos of her training, eating clean and working out. This is what he considers obese, flat stomach, curvy women with pear shapes. And his assumption is that they don’t work out, he finds it unattractive because he’s this dude bro gym rat who sees these super tiny athletic women daily running on a treadmill along side him.

Realistically a lot of African American women, women of color are built like this. I also see quite a few Caucasian women built like this as well, and these women are healthy and perfectly fine.

What’s ironic is that I see larger Caucasian women have no problem dating and getting with these same African American men. Btw inter-racial love and dating is so beautiful, I love it all no matter who it is. But I’m trying to understand why African American males are so repulsed at the site of larger black women but have no problem dating and having them as partners. There was also a thread on this same forum asking this question about white African American males are a little more lienient of large bodies on Caucasian or non-black women opposed African American women?

Is it because they feel it’s something different and not seen as much as within their own community, or is it because of the stigma attached to being “Black and fat?”

Lets be honest, being black and fat is a double edged sword. You have the skin color and the physical features associated with ugliness accompanied by a body that ridiculed and deemed repulsive. You’re virtually invisible. Black and fat is taboo because of the “Mammy” character. I think I addressed this on here before. The Mammy character is a old “created” stereotypical image of black women.

She’s loud, she’s considered masculine and unfeminine, and she’s big and overbearing.


The woman above was Hattie McDaniel. She was a old Hollywood African American actress who played the stereotypical Mammy role.

Out of character she was far from the woman of her role. She was very feminine, kind, charming and very beautiful.

In society these are deemed as negative traits, let alone attached to a woman. This is what happens when you tie prejudice and biogtry to a particular person and image. This type of person suffers, and suffers greatly.

The Mammy character was “created” and actually very inaccurate and false. Most black mammies were actually quote small in stature, caring and nuturing.

The fictionalized mammy character was created to restore the ownership of black female slaves to Southern cis white owners after the North declaired anti-slavery. 

It annoys me to see other African Americans use the “mammy” term to insult actress “Gabourey Sidbibe” who is actually far from masculine, overbearing and loud. Just view her interviews.


That’s the unfortunate fate larger black women have to deal with. The constant attachment to the mammy character that dehumanizes large black women and strip us of our womanhood. We’re not viewed as human or worthy of existence in the eyes of many. Our community is embarrassed by us because the fat black woman reminds them of failure and hardships. It reminds us of slavery, racism and, impoverishment .

Now this is in no shape or form erasing the struggles of larger women in other races. We’ve witnessed Melissa McCarthy humiliated on a public stage for her weight as being referred to as a “hippo” by a critic. Women overall are belittled and demeaned if we aren’t thin, tall and beautiful. Lets not forget the bullying Christina Aguliera had to deal with.

But the stigma is even greater when the woman is African American. I remember Oliva Spencer being bombarded in interviews about her weight when she never mentioned it or asked people to talk to her about it.They thought it was perfectly okay to invade her space as a plus size woman making the assumption that she must hate her body. They continued to bully her so much to the point she gave in and joined in with Sensa I believe. It made me angry and frustrated. Monique, Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley, Queen Latifah and many more, all household names in the African American community, all have had their bodies shamed on blogs and publicly.

I’m not saying African American women have a harder time with being plus size women than other plus size women. We all experience body bullying and I believe in intersectionality. I’m simply saying being “Black and fat” adds to the battle.

That’s why I’m able to find fatphobic biogtry like the post above on African American blogs with ease.


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