Growing level of fat hatred even shows in former fat people

It’s scary. Saw this posted on Tumblr…



Terrifying and sort of gives you the feeling of defeat. Like what else do we do? What else works?

But this is what fat shaming does. This is what size discrimination does. See this? This is supposedly a former fattie, someone who identified with “Health At Every Size”, supposedly did the research on healthy fat bodies and fat body rights. This what happens when fat people conform. They shed their oppressed exterior and their shamed, abused, and battered interior surfaces. This is the result you get. The remains of a person who was fat shamed, abused, bullied and socially alienated. A lot of the things she’s saying are the very things her oppressors told her when she was a fat person.

If people who indentified with fat hates you then what are you to do? But this is why ” This Is Thin Privilege” exists. It exists because the shaming, ridicule and abuse of fat people is so engraved in our psyche that we become angry, mad and verbally abusive to anything and everything fat when we’re reminded of it.

Look at the anger in her post, look at the anger in people’s comments when they see or speak about fat people. These are the same people that will try and persuade you with their “false concern”. No that’s not concern, that’s hatred, that’s insecurity, and people who’ve been taught fat is bad. These people are projecting their own fears and insecurities onto people they are suppose to be empathetic towards. These people don’t hate fat people, they hate the word fat because it’s been associated with everything bad. 

We reject any and everything we believe is bad in fear of social rejection. No one wants to be a loner in society so we conform to what we think is right out of fear. This is what happens regarding weight bullying. This happens, a prolonged mental battle between self abuse and mental abuse. If we can understand this regarding other form of discrimination and bullying, then why aren’t we doing anything about weight bullying? How is it acceptable to want to eradicate a human being? It seems perfectly logical if that human being is a fat person **smh**

It seems like it’s never ending with no end point. Models are getting thinner, the definition of fat is getting smaller, women are becoming more obessed than ever with their weight, children are coming home telling them parents they don’t want to finish their food because we’ve put inaccurate BMI programs in their schools. It’s terrible. And the worse thing about it all is that we don’t seem to care!! Michelle Obama says it’s okay if we shame and bully fat people because doctors say “Death to the fatties”. Fat bullying and discrimination is getting worse, what does it take to make it stop? Death at the hands of the abuser? Seems like that’s the only time we actually do something, is when it’s too late. 

I thought if we seen it cascading into our kids then that would draw the line, but not even that stop fat bullying. Sad. We won’t stop until we reach that plateu of anti-fat reputation and we’re in a world of beautiful thin people.


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