Why can’t we just accept curvy and fat bodies on women? That’s why there are no more happy fat bloggers!

The women above are models, both are considered thick/curvy plus size.

Like how hard is it to do? Showcase healthy bodies that have curves and are plus size? What’s gonna happen? The world will stop spinning? We’ll all die? We’ll be sucked into a black hole, I mean what are we afraid of representing fuller bodies within mainstream spaces? Scared we’ll lose consumers? That funny since most consumers male and female fit these descriptions.

Recently I have unfollowed a lot of plus size fashion blogs because of the triggering weight loss talk they’ve been bombarded with now. Seeing pictures and photo memes of them talking about how much weight they’ve lost, seeing women who promoted fit and thick becoming more obsessed with fit and thin.Like they’re giving in the to defeat, there are very little strong minded plus size activist anymore. This is what shame and bullying due to people. It causes them to conform and submit hiding their true selves. It’s so annoying and it seems like it’s growing. The plan has worked, congrats fat shamers and society you’re slowly eradicating fat bodies, specifically fat women. Are you happy now? Probably not.

I’ve seen larger people become thin and say they feel guilty and ashamed because they are not truly comfortable with their new bodies as it’s not what they really want to be. They were happy and content with the bodies they were in before, before falling victim to the pressure and mental abuse suffered for being of size. It’s not who they really are, it really wasn’t who they wanted to be, and it’s a constant mental battle and tug of war for them.

Body/weight shaming women is also a form of transphobia. Most transgender women are not going to be dainty, petite and small. So not only do we alienate an entire group of women, we also alienate another group. Serena Williams a biologically born female is often subjected to transphobic comments about her body and frame calling her “Manly” because she has muscle and size to her body along with a large backside and bust.

How hard is it to put larger healthy women on runways? I don’t buy that “human clothes hanger” excuse. The excuse made to hide their discrimination against larger women. They have said the reason there are no plus size models is because it’s harder to make larger sizes right off the bat and put it on the runways. That doesn’t even make any sense since there are a variety of sizes hanging up on clothes hangers in stores.

When these designers make these clothes they cut out the fabric, measure it and begin sowing, I doubt even thin models can fit clothing that free handed and not measured since the human skeleton has mass and density too. That bull crap. It’s because they only want thinner models, they believe it makes them look good, makes us as a society look good when we try to prove to people how thin and beautiful we are.

I’ve seen people complain about Victoria’s Secret models becoming thinner…

1990’s- early 2000’s Victoria’s Secret models

These are the models now:

Why is this okay? But showcasing plus size models who are beautiful, just as sexy body wise and talented is the hardest thing in the world?

Exhibit A, plus size lingerie models:

They have rolls, they have bellies, they have big thighs, breasts and bottocks, they have soft stomachs AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Just as beautiful as the defined muscles, and abs on the thinner models.

Thin women are beautiful too, I don’t shame thin women. A lot of the beauty gurus I look up to are thin women. But it’s about equality. No matter how many studies show that a variety of men like a variety of women, we still choose to showcase only one type. And yes THEY DO IT ON PURPOSE.


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