Anti-body positivity on Tumblr

I can’t deal with so called plus size bloggers loathing about not being thin or small enough. I understand losing weight for health reasons, that’s your choice and right. But sitting there reblogging pics of smaller women talking about “Omg her body” is not where it’s at.

Anti-body positivity is triggering for me in many ways, and it’s annoying to see plus size/curvy women complaining about their body talking about their”Weight loss” journey. Like if you’re happy and healthy at the size you are, and have been preaching to your followers about loving your curves and being curvy then no I don’t empathize with you. It’s people like you who make it hard for people like me because we already don’t have a leg in this dog against fat shaming and hatred and now you want to make yourself apart of that group?

I make sure I unfollow any plus size/curvy blogger who promotes weight loss, anti-body positivity or any other trigger anti-size acceptance nonsense.


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