Part 2: Overwhelming growth of fat shaming in the black community, particulary towards black women

I’ve mentioned fat shaming in the African American communtiy has always existed despite the skewed studies about black women being more confidence with our weight and bodies. I grew up being fat shamed in the church, a place where we’re suppose to be loving and acting in the name of God. As a young girl I was always called out by pastors and preachers telling me about my weight and size. It was so embarrassing and unfair to me, I was only a child, but it didn’t matter. I knew they meant well, or unless I thought they did, but I couldn’t help to ponder about it.

In modern times, I’ve come to the conclusion that black people have always been fatphobic. It’s even more prominent now, and it’s done by mostly other black women, towards bodies that wouldn’t normally fall into the fat category. I saw a thread on a forum mocking Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress, former member or popular 90’s R&B group escape. She was told by cast mate Kenya Moore that she could stand to miss a meal or two, or three, or four. The person who made the thread posted the response Kandi made on instagram/Twitter where she posted pics of her body, telling people how she’s confident being curvy and thick. The comments in the thread bashed her body and called her fat saying how she needed to lose 60 pounds. If Kandi lost 60 pounds she’d look a mess, but they went to extremes to voice their displeasure towards her body type.

Back in the day it use to be, you can be kind of thick if you had a flat stomach and a fit upper body, but now you can’t even be that, you have to be equivalent to Nicole Murphy, Ciara or Pilar Sanders. The fact that these comments were made by other women really bothered me. And what’s even worse is seeing black women refer to other black women with the stereotypical black girl body as “Centaurs” basically comparing them to animals and creatures.

Historically, black women’s bodies have always been a source of ridicule. White supremacists structured society has always mocked black people’s hair, features, skin color and bodies for entertaiment. So seeing other black people submit to this type of ignorance, specifically towards black women, really is defeating.

The fat black woman catches hell enough. She’s often the butt of everyone’s joke, race aside. Fat black women are treated like fictional caricatures because the idea of fat black women being treated as human or seen as human is just blasphemy to people obviously. She’s considered a painful reminder to the black communtiy of what racism is and was. So we make sure to mock her and voice our disgust for her on the highest of platforms to prove we don’t want any association with her.

This is what happened with comedian Monique. She always preached to the public how she was happy with her size, and that she was healthy, and satisfied but in reality she wasn’t. As time progressed and the idea of thin began to intersect even more, she imo fail victim to the notion that being a fat black woman was a mockery. Raven Symone even admitted that the reason she lost weight was because of societal pressures, she never denied it. 

Wendy Williams is another topic about how fat shaming in the black community has always existed. She mentioned being put on a diet as a young age because she was the fat sister. On her shows and interviews it’s clear she’s obsessed with her weight because of it. I can tell it’s still psychologically scarred into her brain because she doesn’t go a day without mentioning her weight and how much she wants to lose. It’s really scary and sad at the same time.

Kerry Washington admitted to having an eating disorder, considerably one of the most beautiful women on the planet imo. Black women aren’t exempt from having eating disorders that don’t involve overeating. Fat shaming is a new thing and welcomed in the black communtiy. The more articles that have been embedded into our heads how fat and obese black women are, the more acceptable fat shaming will become, and tha’ts not a healthy idea to send our black daughters. Black girls already have to grow up with the idea that their beauty isn’t as good as the other girls beauty, now here’s another layer of hatred.

Michelle Obama doesn’t help, a figure black women look up to, as the ideal black woman, as she at one point fat shamed her own daughter. Btw, Obama was a cute chubby kid, that’s where the youngest daughter got her chubby body from. Now she’s a tall lean machine, courtesy to diet and fat shaming by her mother.


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