Why fat shaming has not stopped…

Misinformation about fat bodies and obesity…

Despite there being tons of articles proving you can be fat and healthy, proving health has no body size, proving the distinctive difference health and body size down to the anatomy of the human body, people still don’t care, including doctors. As much as these articles exist, there have been articles to debate them and try to dismiss their authenticity.

Association of thinness to femininity and largeness to masculinity…

As long as beauty standards exists, fat shaming will rear it’s ugly head. Everywhere we turn, there’s articles, commercials, magazines, celebrity beach photos advertising thin bodies to women as much as they can. The latest craze in thinspo regarding the bikini bridge and thigh gap pretty much proves this. No matter how many love your body campaigns we have women have psychologically made it up in their minds that their bodies are wrong and what’s advertised to them is right.

Women are far more subjected to conformity than men are because we have been told our entire lives that our value and worth is based off of whether we’re attractive or not to both sexes. Being ignored is like a death sentence to women so we do our best to make sure we keep people happy and pleased with us.

Thin bodies on women is a symbolization of class, innocence, excellence, great health, youthfulness, and purity even if the women do not adhere to any of these characteristics at all. The smaller the woman the more feminine we assume she is because it’s been psychologically trained in our minds to attach femininity to thiness. If you look at most professional successful men of any profession their wives and the women on their arms are always thin. Women who don’t fit the image often feel obligated to settle and view themselves and worthless in value, even if they too are successful.

Thin bodies on women are associated with everything positive, and as long as women are taught this, fat shaming will always exist.

Michelle Obama…

Sure president Obama has one more year in office but it’s no secret she made a big impact with her “Let’s Move” campaign, in the world of fat shaming. I know she meant well, as healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is very important for a functioning body, however her war on obesity is the thorn in the tiger’s paw. Declaring war on obesity also declared war on fat bodies. This has allowed people to view fat people as enemies and a detriment to society and even other people.

Her program doesn’t promote Health to all, it only promotes the bullying and eradication of fat bodies, which gives our thinner counterparts the idea that fat shaming is okay whether it’s done out of so called concern or pure hatred and ignorance.

I think Michelle Obama is aware of the negative stigma her “Let’s Move” campaign has caused, but lets be honest here, she doesn’t care.

Our government has made a mission to take overweight/obese kids from their home deeming them abused because of the idea that their parents are making them gorge on food. No matter if the child is visually active and healthy their fat bodies are enough to take them from their loving parents.

Forcing BMI charts in Elementary schools. Now children as young as 5 have to be subjected to body shaming and fat shaming. Programs telling them the way they exist in their bodies is wrong and harmful to others. Being subjected to bullying and no one doing anything about it because they’re being given the impression that they deserve it because they’re fat.

Eating disorders are on the rise in children as young as 6, and if that doesn’t bother people I don’t know what does.

When CDC declared obesity a “disease” it was another obstacle to fat activism around the world. It sparked a response from fat positive bloggers and people who made signs saying “I AM NOT A DISEASE”. Many people were very upset with CDC who went against being told not to declare obesity as a disease, but they did it anyway. This proves how much fat people are ignored and not seen as real people.

And last but not least, dysfunction within the fat acceptance movement..

The discussion aboout intersection and the lack of representation of POC and trans persons within fat acceptance spaces. The war between former fatties and pro fatties. Healthist fatties vs. My body my choice fatties, it’s just so much drama and confusion within the movement which is why it can fully take flight like it should. There needs to a common ground and place of unity if we want to end fat discrimination, fat shaming, and promote positivity for fat bodies.


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