Say it ain’t so Momma O!: Oprah has now become apart of the billion dollar diet and weight loss industry…

Amber Riley

I’m so disappointed in Oprah investing in Weight Watchers.
Another money hungry, scamming weight loss program, designed to manipulate people into their bullshit. I enjoyed looking at her instagram seeing her harvesting vegetables and fresh produce in all of her plus size glory, killing all types of ignorant myths about healthy eating, health and body size or weight. But now she’s become a money hungry Westernized society obsessed celebrity trying to fit in, like the rest of them.

This is just the current identity of our American culture. The continuous anti-fat propaganda for profit taking place here that even former proud and plus size celebrities have thrown in the white flag and jumped aboard the no fat train.

Weight Watchers strikes again and this time with one of the richest people and the world. How they continue to manipulate and profit from inaccurate information about diet and weight loss? That’s easy, lie and tell women their life doesn’t start until they’re skinny like everyone other billion dollar generating weight loss program centered around destroying the self esteems of women.

Oprah you’ve lost a fan permanently.


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